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  • Peggy Wang / [email protected]
  • Becoming Wei Chuan Distributor
    Q  What is expected of a Wei Chuan Distributor or Wholesaler?

    A  A Wei Chuan distributor is expected to carry in inventory a broad selection of popular Wei Chuan products and to make our products available to any retailer in your territory. If you are only carrying a small selection of Wei Chuan products in your own outlets, then you are a Wholesaler.

    Q  What is Wei Chuan's payment term?

    A  Unless otherwise arranged, payment is in advance of shipment. Payment may be made by wire transfer, Letter of Credit. We cannot begin to process your order until payment has cleared our bank.

    Q  What are Wei Chuan's shipping methods?

    A  Our term is Ex-works or FOB. We can deliver the goods to your desired location in Taiwan, or deliver the goods to the customs through your assigned freight forwarder.

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